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Albatros Expeditions is a relatively young family-owned company. However, as part of the Albatros group, our company has amassed decades of know-how in the travel industry around the world, with an emphasis on our home turf, the Nordic region. We are ambitious, aiming to become the leading polar expedition company in the four-star segment, with a focus on exceptional service, excursions, high quality activities and educational content.



As a family-owned polar expedition company, we aim to lead the industry by focusing on sustainability and diversity; as well as by maximizing the experiences that we offer, providing unforgettable and life-changing memories for our guests.


From our foundation as a Greenland expert, with both ship and land-based adventures, we aim to expand to become one of the leading polar expedition operators in the world. We do this by offering our guests and partners the stability, trust, authenticity and true care of a family-owned business, Nordic hospitality, service and quality standards, focus on diversity and sustainability, a true passion for active exploration and by offering unique, innovative and educational experiences. We offer unbeatable experience value for money, because we are vertically integrated and a no-nonsense family business without many management layers.